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Important Tips to Buying Vintage Rugs

   Vintage rugs can be a great addition to any room design, but there are a few tips you need to take to ensure that your chosen rug or carpet will give years of use and enjoyment for years to come. These is the first important tips for creating a budget. If you take a look at all the vintage rugs available in the online store, you will soon see that the prices vary widely from carpet to carpet and from company to company. By keeping a set budget in mind, you can determine which of these items you can afford and which should be given up. This may be one of the steps that you can take to narrow your search. The next step after you've determined your budget is to explore online stores and high street stores to determine the quality of the vintage rugs you are considering. Quality is essential, even if the rug is vintage in design, it should not be worn so much that it will last only a few months, or at most a year. You need the highest quality product that can guarantee you a long l
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There are Many Varieties of Traditional Rugs Available

  Traditional rugs , adorned with majestic elegance, are not only used for decoration inside the magnificent palace, but are also used in ordinary residences. But apart from their uniqueness, these rugs convey the culture and history that anyone should know before buying. Rugs of the world • Persian rug In Persia, rug weaving is very popular as a great expression of national art and culture. It is divided into three groups: Farsh (size over 6x4 ft), QÄ licheh (means rugs 6x4 feet or less), and Gelim (means rough carpet). • Tibetan rug Made of wool from the Tibetan highland sheep, these rugs are commonly referred to as seating rug, or areas better known as "kaden". The technique of making rugs is a present symbol of Tibet's ancient traditional crafts. It is recognized as one of the best handmade rug. • Turkish Rug Since these rugs originate in different regions of Turkey, the direction, material, design direction and weaving technique are unique. Locally reno

How to Use Turkish Rugs

  Turkish rugs are either woven or knotted, with many of them still handmade in some areas of Turkey. How you use these rugs depends on their type, manufacturing method and feature design. These rugs can be used as floor and furniture coverings as well as wall coverings. Although these beautiful creations are usually made in factories, the artwork depicting these Turkish rugs has been passed down from generation to generation in Turkey. Using Turkish Rugs as flooring - You will see many Turkish rugs that will be woven and have a geometric pattern. You shouldn't expect the nuances you will see in Oriental carpets, nor the artwork that is common in Persian rugs. Turkish rugs are made of wool or silk, or are usually a combination of both and are generally thinner than thick oriental carpets. If you are using a Turkish rug as a floor covering, then you need to put down a special type of protection in place so that anyone walking on it does not slip. This is true if you are using it t

Where to Use Traditional Rugs at Home

  You can very easily to change your home or a new look using just a floor rug. Floor rugs come in a variety of designs, styles, shapes and sizes. This is a great choice when it comes to home decor. Among the many styles available, traditional rugs have a fairly large following. These rugs will give your home a classic look that will never goes beyond style. At home, you can use traditional rugs in several places. The first is in the living room. This is a great spot for Turkish or Persian rugs. You can use more than one rug if you have a large and spacious space. Don't know how to pair? There are many manufacturers who produce traditional rugs that complement each other. These rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can easily find a pair to match your living room. If you don't have extravagant space, you can do the same with a lone rug in the center of the living room. The dining room is also a great place for these type of floor rugs. These rugs look very good i

Using Woven Rugs to Cover Up Problems on Walls

If there is an unsightly spot on the wall or something that you want to cover, one way to do this is to use woven area rug. Woven variety is lighter and easier to hang than most other types of rugs. Here you will find a wide variety of woven rugs that are ideal for hanging on the walls. You can hang woven rugs in many ways. The best way to use them is to hang them with curtain poles. Take a decorative curtain rod and some muslin material and attach it to the end of the rug. Then wrap the material around the pole to make a knot on it. Make sure the pole extends to the desired location so that the rugs naturally cover the offending objects on the wall. This is a great way to cover up items that are no longer used, or that are still in use but look unsightly. If you have an old doorbell or some kind of electronic outlet that is no longer used, you can cover it with a woven area rugs instead of just leaving it open. Other problem areas on the wall may contain clearly visible patch areas.

What Makes Modern Rugs Appealing for Any Space?

  The timeless beauty and appeal of Modern Rugs are woven into ancient history, where it has gradually developed to an extent and is now among the most popular rugs in the world. Thanks to the rich Persian art and culture, some modern rug pieces have been saved and restored and have been mainly used as a pivotal and significant component in contemporary interiors. There are some investments in life that deserve long-term value, and Modern Rugs are one such thing that requires a lot of details and attention to give comfort and warmth to your interior decoration. These rugs have the features to rise in the form of a space or increase the familiar stretch, and you get varieties in terms of options to be familiar with changing trends. Properties of the Modern Rugs When you look at the modern rugs' properties, you realize that they are so appealing and have transformed to a great extent. By adjusting with current trends, they have revolutionized decorating the interiors and appealing a

Add Beauty and Charm to Your Floor with Hand Knotted Rugs

  A one-of-a-kind masterpiece, a Hand-Knotted Rug is genuinely a refined work of art that can add to your estate creations and be an integral part of your family heirlooms. These rugs are usually made of silk or wool and often require a team of experienced weavers to work for months to achieve the intricate patterns. With superior artistry, these rugs can add grace to any surface of your floors. There are three main knots used in hand knotted rugs. 1.      The Persian knot These knots are asymmetrical and open to one side, which leaves fewer gaps and is most commonly used for intricate designs and floral patterns. 2.      The Turkish knot These knots are preferably symmetrical and leave two small bumps within each knot, which looks like a double knot. 3.      The Mufti knot This type of knot is especially tied around four threads instead of two, creating a short cut, resulting in quicker processing time with a lower quality. Benefits associated with Hand-Knotted Rugs   •      These ar